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About Us

Linking Kingsburg community traditions to our continuously evolving educational goals of providing universal access is the core of Rafer's school philosophy. Rafer Johnson Junior High School was dedicated on September 26th, 1993 in the name of Rafer Johnson by the citizens of Kingsburg where he grew up. It was Rafer Johnson’s wish that all young people will be inspired to be the best that they can be. Rafer Johnson Junior High is a 7th and 8th-grade school, within the Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District. Through this living document, the charter, the school has been able to adopt creative methods of education, using researched based best practices, while maintaining the traditional high standards expected by the Kingsburg Community. Rafer Johnson is a family of 455 7th and 8th-grade students and 43 staff members committed to assisting our students in excelling. With the unique grade level configuration of the schools in our district, there is a common thread that unites the students as they transition into and out of the schools throughout the years. Together, they develop strong friendships where tolerance is accepted and diversity is welcomed. The staff takes pride in knowing generations of families. Rafer has developed a strong partnership with the community it serves, where high expectations for academic standards, citizenship, community service, recreation, and traditional values are embraced and enveloped in the framework of a caring community. The Rafer staff is a highly qualified and enthusiastic group of professionals who are dedicated to bringing out the best qualities in our students, ourselves, and in the work that we do together. We are indeed an organization that respects learning, honors teaching and teaches for understanding. The staff collaborates in many ways, focusing on the academic success of every student embedded into every aspect of planning, organization, and use of resources, materials, fiscal, and personnel. The maintenance staff is an important part of the learning community taking pride in keeping this school a place where students and staff are honored to attend. In addition to maintaining beautiful grounds and facilities, it is not uncommon to find this staff assisting students, playing Pickleball, using our beautiful track, and enjoying each other’s company. Rafer Johnson Junior High creates a stimulating, aesthetically pleasing environment that the community uses and enjoys. Rafer is proud to be a member of the Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District. Our mission is simple, "We will find a way for ALL students to learn."